Terms & Conditions

How does this work?

We will use the power that a group provides to be able to negotiation a contract along with paying for the year in full to the cruise line before we sail, to have a set price of around $50 per person per day.

Why does this site charge to join?

Simple answer, to filter out the wishers from the people that will acually sail with us, it takes a lot of time and resources to answer everyones questions that have no intent on joining us.

How do I get all my questions answered and get more info?

Just become a paid member and you will fill out a survey, then have access to the forums and chats.

Is this site just a travel agency trying to sell cruises?

No, we do not sell any cruises. We will be part of this and be on the cruise ship as the organizers. You don't pay us for the cruise, you pay the cruise line directly after we negotiate the contract.

Who would join this cruise group?

Anybody that has an income that allows you to travel. This includes, retired people, digital nomads, people that have trust funds or investments, make income online or just someone that wants to cross this off their bucket list. Maybe you want to take a year off after college or make this your adventure of a lifetime.



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