Guest Announcement - TIM McEWEN

We are excited to have the awesome comic book creator Tim McEwen joining us for inCONceivable!

Tim McEwen is a comic book creator, storyboard artist, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and educator, and has been professionally published since he was 17 years old.

His most notable comic book creation is Greener Pastures (with Michael Michalandos), which stars the naive and loveable stud bull Trevor Bovis. Multi-award winning, internationally distributed and having featured in 14 exhibitions internationally, it has fans worldwide. A 300+ page Greener Pastures graphic novel is currently in the works.

Tim loves Australian comic books and has championed them since the 1990s as publisher, distributor, event organiser, commentator, reviewer, advocate and more, including co-founding Australia’s largest comic con (Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming), and re-establishing the Ledger Awards for excellence in Australian comics. He recently received the Platinum Ledger Award for services to Australian comics. He also teaches comics creation, history and theory at university, primary and secondary schools, privately and in workshops.