Guest Announcement - MAL BRIGGS

We are thrilled to have comics industry expert Mal Briggs of Impact Comics as a part of our inCONceivable lineup. Mal Briggs is a co-owner of Impact Comics in Canberra, Australia. Mal has now worked in comics retail for more than eighteen years, following that life-long passion for the unique storytelling medium. His shop, Impact Comics is a supplier of graphic novels for schools and libraries, and run regular events promoting comics and showcasing independent comics creators.

Mal has twice been invited to be a panel judge for the Ledger Awards for excellence in Australian Comics and has presented creative writing lectures at the University of Canberra on the creation of the comic book superhero genre as we know it. Mal has been a guest on podcasts including The Modern Meltdown and the Radioactive Lounge to talk about the ever changing state of comics publishing and retail. He's a member of the Australian Cartoonists' Association, and occasionally even creates comics himself, most recently producing a two page story for the Australia Burns charity anthology.

Always looking for the next big thing, Mal has navigated the comics industry through a period of constant change, seeing the rise of manga in the west, social media, digital comics, Kickstarter, Netflix, superhero movies, traditional book publishers embracing the graphic novel, and now changes for major US comics publishers.