Guest Announcement - KIERAN JACK

We are excited to have the talented comic creator, publisher and graphic artist Kieran Jack of Halftone Productions joining us for inCONceivable!

Kieran is a trained graphic artist and in his spare time he is a comic book creator. Kieran is a self taught illustrator and publisher, creating his own independent comics books since 2015. After 5 years he has gone on to create 12 independent comic books and collaborate on a handful of works by other creators from Australia and all over the world. Kieran exhibits his works at comic book conventions in Australia. Of course, this year Kieran has been unable to attend these due to the pandemic restrictions. This has allowed him to refocus on creating new content, successfully launching several Kickstarter campaigns.

As of this year Kieran has sold over 6,500 copies of his first comic book series, The Talking Bread. He is currently working on his second series, In Purgatory and has other projects in the works for the future.