Guest Announcement - KAI LYNK

We are so happy to have the illustrator and voice over artist, Kai Lynk, as a part of our inCONceivable lineup.

Kai Lynk is a full time illustrator and voice over artist currently based in Melbourne, with several internationally published graphic novels under his belt, appearing in multiple languages.

After years of grueling study, lessons in manga with veteran professionals in Tokyo (and an appearance on Japanese TV), he debuted with his own one shot manga; Quick Draw!

The comic appeared across 5 conventions around Australia and Japan. It became a live stage show that has run for the past 3 years.

He then turned his eyes to the world of animation, joining Planet Dolan as a voice talent, directing animation for the 'Origin of Gooby: Searching' music video, and taking the lead as in-house Art and Animation Director for an original animated series being produced locally at Studio Destruna.

Kai loves to talk art and animation, have a game of smash bros, and can never let his pencil rest.