Guest Announcement - JIN CHAN YUM WAI

We are excited to have the talented comic creator and game developer Jin Chan Yum Wai joining us for inCONceivable!

Jin is an Australian/Mauritian comic creator and game developer. Though born in Canberra, Australia, Jin spent most of his young life in Beijing where he developed a love for Dragon Ball Z, which then evolved into a love for drawing. Though Jin mostly just drew pictures for fun he discovered comics when he was gifted Batman: Shadow of the Bat #27. From that point forward Jin knew that making comics would be his life goal.

Jin went on to create the popular webtoon series High School Romance and had his manga series Xero: King of Thieves was serialised in the extremely popular digital manga anthology magazine Saturday AM. He is now the Creative Director of the upcoming zombie survival video game Undying, which will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation and PC in 2021. Jin is also currently working on a new upcoming comic project yet to be announced.