Guest Announcement - FRED AND ELLE DESIGNS

Please welcome the fantastic Fred and Elle Designs to the inCONceivable lineup!

Fred and Elle Reed are award-winning cosplayers who have been designing costumes together for over a decade. Elle is a seamstress with over 25 year of experience specializing in historically-accurate garments and Fred is a former soldier and master figure painter, giving him a unique perspective on armor, weaponry, and battle damage. Combined, they bring a painstaking attention-to-detail to their cosplays that has earned them top rankings in numerous competitions.

Fred is most known as a featured contestant on SyFy’s premier television episode of Cosplay Melee where he competed with other talented creators in a fast-paced battle to the finish. Elle is most known for saving turtles and right whales at the environmental nonprofit she runs in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

In their limited spare time, they like to go camping and watch movies with their dogs, Creamy and Sir Robert Barkington.