Guest Announcement - BRADLEY ADAN

We’re excited to announce that the talented Bradley Adan is joining us for inCONceivable!

Bradley was born in Albury, Australia and has been in and out of hospitals with a heart condition since he was 5. During his childhood, he used video games, comics, manga, cartoons, anime and creative writing as a means of escape. He loved the fascinating worlds that people had created. Bradley started writing during primary school. The stories were usually about dinosaurs and were pretty damn awful and no one will ever be allowed to read them. Ever. The “creative writing” he had to do in high school was a great deal better, (still terrible, but he had improved) but everybody has to start somewhere.

More recently Bradley has self publish a trade paper back Else world story about Super Ready Battle Armor and has been doing the con circuit in Victoria Australia for about two years with it. He has been invited back to many of the regional conventions and loves meeting new fans. Super Ready Battle Armor is his passion project. He says that he can live and breath it and that he really hopes that you will enjoy reading it as much he did making it.