Guest Announcement - ANNIE MCCANN

We are thrilled to welcome brilliant blogger and writer Annie McCann to our inCONceivable lineup! Annie has been an incredible asset to the #inCONceivable team connecting us to the awesome guests we just announced! Stay tuned for an exciting panel reveal tomorrow morning!

Annie is an Indonesian/Australian, Muslim and the founder of Read3r'z Re-Vu, Network of Readers, est. 2009. Annie is an emcee, blogger, emerging writer and is often found either reading fantasy fiction that’s inspired by mythology and cultural legends, watching NRL football or jamming to hip hop or Michael Jackson. Annie is a winner of the Penguin, Write It! Fellowship 2019: a program seeking new diverse voices and is in the process of writing her first own voice, urban fantasy novel for young readers. Diversity and inclusivity is something Annie holds very close to her heart and for 11 years, she has worked to connect a diverse community through the bond of reading, writing and creativity.