What is an online or virtual convention?

A virtual convention is just like a regular convention, except that it can be experienced entirely from the comfort and safety of your own home! Best of all... NO QUEUES!!!!

What are the dates and times for inCONceivable?

inCONceivable will be held on 14-15 November 2020 from 10am-6pm AEST. The virtual marketplace should be accessible a few days before and after the main event, however exhibitors may not be online/available to respond to messages at all times.

How do I participate?

You can participate by watching the stream and checking out the marketplace on Eventeny. If you would like to be an exhibitor please check out our Exhibitor page.

Does it cost money?

The convention will be streamed publicly, free of charge, however we've got a great selection of Exhibitors and Artists eager to show you their wares, so please check out the marketplace too.

Will there be the opportunity to purchase merchandise?

Yes. We have lots of awesome exhibitors and artists who will be selling their merchandise via the Eventeny platform. We also have some limited edition inCONceivable merchandise available for pre-order.

What is the best way to access inCONceivable?

We recommend a computer or laptop for the most immersive functionality.

Do I have to download an App or other software in order to participate?

No. Everything will take place in your internet browser.

Do I need to log in, register or provide my email address to participate?

You won't need to register to watch the virtual content or look through the virtual marketplace, however we recommend create an Eventeny account so that you can register for a FREE ticket to make sure you receive all our event updates. You will need to sign up with Eventeny if you wish to message any vendors and/or purchase from the marketplace.

Will there be a limit to the number of participants at inCONceivable?

There is no overall limit to how many people may access the platform at once.

What if I am busy that weekend?

Being a virtual event, the marketplace will be open 24 hours for the days of the event. Some panels may also be availalbe to view on our YouTube channel for a limited time after the event, however most will only be available to view at the specified times.

Will this be more than just a one-time thing?

Hopefully this is just the first event of many more to come! Depending on how this convention goes, we will certainly be considering doing more in the future.

Is there a program of events?

The program will be released shortly before the event and you will be able to access it through our Event page.

What if I want to find and make friends?

We are hoping to offer a selection of ways to interact virtually with other attendees, and will provide more information when available.

Where can I watch inCONceivable online?

For the time being, we have only made plans to stream via Eventeny, however some panels may be available on our youtube channel after streaming.

Will this con only be broadcast on Eventeny?

For the time being we have only made plans to stream via Eventeny, however we may consider adding other streaming platforms depending on viability.

What kind of content can I expect?

We are working to have a lot of the same type of content as may be available at a physical convention. This includes celebrity panels and Q&A sessions, in a mix of pre-recorded and live content. Exhibitors and some Guests may also be available to message and video chat to during the event.

Will there be a virtual cosplay competition?

At this stage we are not planning to have an official cosplay competition. Being a new event we have made the hard decision to focus on doing a few things really well, rather than doing an average attempt at a lot of things. It is definitely something that we would love to include with future events. That being said, we would still LOVE to see all your creations and celebrate cosplay as much as we can in this virtual world. Please feel free to post your cosplay creations and tag us on Instagram @InconceivableEvents #inconceivableevents #inCONceivable #inCONceivable2020

Will there be any gaming component?

As with the cosplay competition, at this stage we are not planning to have any official gaming events so that we can focus on doing a few things really well, rather than doing an average attempt at a lot of things.

Is this an interactive event?

There will be a mix of live and pre-recorded content which will include some interactivity. Some guests and exhibitors may be available for messaging and live chat during trading hours.

How can I help with the con?  How do I submit a panel?

Right now, we could really use help spreading the word and finding people who are interested in contributing content. If you are interested in hosting a panel or event, please use our Panel Applications page to tell us about what you would like to do. All submissions will be taken into consideration and we will contact you for further details when we begin scheduling.

How do I get on the Exhibitor/Vendor List?

Information regarding being an Exhibitor is available here. Or you can go straight to the application form here.

A new way to experience a convention...As you wish!